Drones batterya recipe for shorttime operation of unmanned aircraft

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Drones have many strong points, thanks to which have become so popular, but the battery life is certainly not one of them. This sad reality soon change.
The best models can not afford to approx. 30 minutes of continuous flight, which significantly limits their use, which is why in recent years we have seen many attempts to change the status quo. We heard about wireless charging in flight or incorporation of additional battery in the device structure, but as a matter of fact only the latest method can bring tangible results, and developed the researchers at the University of California (UC) Berkeley.
And although researchers present their idea only as a concept, it is not difficult to imagine how much he is able to influence the industry. A question about the system dock during the flight, so that drones will be able to fly much further, the second Droni, which is literally flying battery. Just that on top of the typical drone will be installed special docking station and charging less will be able to settle on it and using special pins to connect to it.

Allow the battery then the drone of its batteries and fly away, and in its place ... can fly again. This makes the drones-if the batteries are strategically placed, range unmanned aircraft will increase substantially. Scientists say that during this stopover drone is on its battery, it gradually exhausting, but during his tests were able to extend this flight time from 12 to 57 minutes, or nearly five times. It really is a phenomenal result, so will soon see its commercial application in one of the producers.