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"Bronson" is a film about Charles Bronsonowi. Not at all, it is not about the famous actor known for his "Death Wish" and Charlie Bronson - a prisoner of the most brutal in the history of Great Britain. Michael Gordon Peterson, because it is actually called, was born on December 6, 1952 in the small Welsh town of Aberystwyth. It comes from a respected, wealthy family. Parents ran Conservative Club, uncle and aunt in the 60s and 70s were the mayors of hometown Peterson. The young man, however, chose a slightly different way.
During a career "underground" boxer fights his supervisor gave him a new name - Charles Bronson.
Uargumentował is frail cargo militancy and terror in the name of Mickey Peterson. At just 22 years of Bronson made the first robbery at the post office, from which the loot was ...

26 pounds.
The film which stands on the site
Originally sentenced to 7 years in prison, now serving a sentence of life imprisonment. For multiple robberies, terrorism, occupation and calling rebellions Charles Bronson has already spent in prison 36 years, of which 30 in solitary confinement. Nicolas Winding Refn image in a very colorful and uncompromising manner presents the story of Peterson. After a very frugal in the form of productions (trilogy "Pusher", "Bleeder"), this time the Danish director reaches for new solutions, realizing the first biography to his credit. The most important of these treatments is obviously Refn Sophistically the narration of the main character. Charlie dressed in a perfectly tailored suit, constantly changing makeup, standing on stage in front of hundreds of spectators, playing one actor theater, tells us, the audience, the story of his "career". It is understood that the hero imaginuje both an interested audience, and all his achievements success filled life.
The symbol of these ideas is becoming increasingly evanescent personality Mike Peterson - rebellious youngster, for his alter ego, Charles Bronson - endowed with superhuman strength and free from fear, prisoner. It is worth to highlight the fact that the main character is in no way identified with authentic Charles Bronson - action star. Assuming that the dialogue with the Danish film director really took place in the life of the hero's biography, that if not for the intervention of the promoter - Paul Peterson as the world zapamiętałby ... Charlton Heston. Styled on the power of "Clockwork Orange" XXI century Refn film, in addition to a wide range of eye-catching viewers of art, it is also (and perhaps above all) very faithful, conveying a lot of details from the life of Bronson, biography.
For really low bow he deserved Tom Hardy in the title role. He created a charismatic figure, disturbing, extremely attractive. Production also looks very impressive in terms of installation, photos and 80s music, skillfully blended in the scenery and atmosphere of the film.
The director of one side does not give up his classic "cold realism", but on the other serves the audience a huge breath of fresh air. The film because unlike most of the existing production Refn does not arouse associations with the style docudrama and fiction here is more "tangible". "Bronson" is the story of interwoven cruel animal violence with charming humor. The reaction mixture is seasoned many shades cinema któremuś not easy to assign a particular species. Biography filled with images as captivating as controversial, Nicolas Winding Refn in some magical way intoxicates the viewer once again ..