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Interactive quizzes could be a powerful tool within the fingers of digital marketers looking to gather info and convert on-line guests into leads. By delivering entertaining, interactive, related content instead of merely asking web site guests to fill out a type, manufacturers forge stronger relationships with their prospects and customers and ship one thing of value before asking for information in return.

For a whole lot of marketers, conversion isn’t the instant purpose. Some need to easily captivate and entertain an viewers, driving brand awareness and customer connections. Others are looking to create shareable content. Quizzes are excellent prime-of-funnel content to assist entrepreneurs obtain both purpose.

Follow Our Step-by-Step Information to Creating an Interactive Quiz

In fact, building a quiz seems like a lot more work than churning out a weblog submit or posting a picture to your social accounts, but it doesn’t should be. Utilizing Qualtrics’ "How Lengthy Would You Survive in a Dinosaur Park?" quiz as an example, I’ve created a quick step by step tutorial that will help you build your personal branded quiz that engages and converts. With all the graphics and interactive visuals, The Qualtrics Dinosaur Park quiz would possibly look fairly sophisticated-however we solely relied on a number of query varieties to build the whole survey. We’ve outlined each query kind and provided instructions so you can create an superior customized quiz.

Creating Your individual Theme & Introduction Web page

A survey theme makes your survey extra interactive and visually engaging. You can turn no matter image or background you’d like right into a survey theme within Qualtrics. All you need is that this small snippet of CSS:

#SurveyEngineBody background: #FFF url(yourURLHere) no-repeat center mounted; background-dimension: cover;

Unsure what to do with that snippet of code? Here are just backlinks high Authority that can assist you out:

1. Open up your survey within the Edit Survey tab 2. Click on on the appear and feel web page 3. Click "Superior" 4. Click on "Add Customized CSS" 5. Paste within the code 6. Change the text within the "url()" spot to have the link to your picture

You’ll additionally discover that the Dinosaur Park Quiz begins with an introduction web page. We didn’t use a lot textual content on this page, but it's possible you'll wish to fill this space with extra instructions or a message on your quiz takers.

To construct a web page like this, add a Descriptive Text/Graphic question to your survey and insert a web page break after the query. If you want to add graphic headers to subsequent pages of your quiz (just like what we did), the Descriptive Textual content/Graphic query kind is the way to go. Principally, this query type permits you to enter and elegance text on any page of your survey, without it looking like a survey question.

Multiple Alternative Questions

The majority of the Dinosaur Park quiz utilized a number of alternative questions. Utilizing this question sort, you'll be able to change the appearance of a query to point out multiple choices, a dropdown record of answer decisions, or completely different answer alternative layouts. See all of the Qualtrics question types here.

We chose to help keep respondents engaged by putting a few completely different multiple choice question options on a page.

Pick, Group and Rank & Sizzling Spot Questions

To add a little more interactivity into the quiz, we used two of our specialty question sorts-the “Pick, Group, and Rank” question type and the “Hot Spot” question type.

“Pick, Group, and Rank” permits your individuals to drag and drop gadgets into the appropriate categories, like classifying dinosaurs as plant-eaters or meat-eaters. All it's essential to do is add that query type to your survey stream and sort within the classes and answer choices.

The “Hot Spot” question sort means that you can add a picture and establish regions that participants can click on. Once your picture is uploaded, Qualtrics permits you to draw areas straight onto a picture, creating clickable “hot spots” for respondents. A lot of our clients use this query kind to test ads or design layouts, however we used it to ask quiz takers to find somewhere within the room to hide from a Dinosaur.

Quiz Scoring

You’ve most likely taken fairly a number of online quizzes that, upon completion, serve up some kind of information (e.g., which Harry Potter home you’ve been sorted into, or which summer time vacation spot is best suited to your character). Quizzes like this rely on scoring expertise, which allows you to assign point values to each reply choice and primarily rating a result for every respondent. With Qualtrics’ scoring characteristic you may give each reply choice a singular worth and create a variety of different outcomes and content material primarily based on respondent scores.