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"Jumanji" 1995 is a cult film for me from childhood.

When some time ago I heard that the continuation of the uprising found that the worst idea in the world. Too many years have passed, the creators were able to give an amazing atmosphere of the original, without the addition of Robin Williams did not believe it could go. Fortunately, the new "Jumanji" is a totally new story that feeds not on popularity and nostalgia of the original. A group of high school students during a school event the penalty discovers the old cartridge with the game "Jumanji". With the game include curiosity, choose the form, and then a miracle to move the game world and become avatars of their heroes. As a result, the school nerd is muscled hunter adventure (Dwayne Johnson), the star of the football team turns into a low and weak zoologist (Kevin Hart), a vain girl becomes an aging cartographer (Jack Black), a shy teenager master of martial arts (Karen Gillian). Heroes in order to survive, will have to join forces and learn to work in a group, because if you die in "Jumanji" really die. King Arthur in the era of political correctness Kevin Hart, Nick Jonas, Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Karen Gillan CTMG, Inc. "Adventure in the jungle," recognizes that it does not cut coupons from the first part. Although the skeleton feature is very similar, it is formally a completely different cinema. The creators decided to go with the times, and so instead of the traditional board game we have a fascination with video games. Aspects scroll grow here all the time. Each character has its own special skills. Just as in the games, there are first aid kits and number of lives, the whole is divided into different levels of difficulty, there are NPCs, and even cutscenes.

The creators perfectly cope with language translation of players into the film, but there's no wonder, since the studio is responsible for the image of Sony. In the film, we have plenty of good humor.

The characters, although very stereotype that after selecting your avatar every stereotype is perfect bodies. Ghost in the Shell Jack Black in the role of an empty teenagers addicted to your phone falls fantastic, Kevin Hart as always perfectly works as comic relief, Karen Gillian is very sexy and very reliably falls in the action scenes can be seen, while The Rock excellent plays here his image film tough guy. I would like to make more stars from Hollywood had such a huge distance to each other. Kevin Hart CTMG, Inc.

 The Achilles heel of the image Jake Kasdan is the lack of distinctive szwarccharakteru.

The character played by Bobby Cannavale is a villain without any motivation, which is bad because it is bad. In addition, action scenes, although not the worst in the sheer volume of other blockbusters charged dizzying pace of fall average.

 In summary, the "Adventure in the jungle" is a surprisingly good binding cinema entertainment in time for the long and cold January evenings. A large dose of humor and action should satisfy both fans of the original cult, and younger viewers, the film is completely alien Williams. Ironman It is a pity only that you can not see "Jumanji" version with subtitles, because not all like dubbing actor in the movies. In this regard, I also have mixed feelings, but the voice of Christopher Banaszczyk could listen indefinitely ..