The Three Most Common Kinds of Airplanes for General Aviation

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Cessna is a legendary manufacturer of small, general-purpose aircraft that has expanded its range significantly in recent times. Many of the active airplane listings online today center on Cessna products that have been designed to fit into particular niches.

Obtaining cessna 182 for sale about Cessnas has become even easier than in the past, much to the benefit of buyers. A quick look at the roles particular types of Cessna planes play could make things still simpler.

Plane Designs That Cater to Particular Applications and Duty Cycles

There are many ways to put an aircraft aloft and keep it there until it reaches its destination. Aircraft, like helicopters, that generate lift using rotors are most appropriate when certain specialized needs are present.

A generally more versatile design centers around the use of fixed wings that create lift when air passes over them. Airplanes like these are far more common than helicopters and their relatives and come in a number of varieties as well.

These can be most easily distinguished according to the power source that each makes use of. The most common types of small aircraft for sale at any given time generate thrust and lift using:

Piston engines. The same type of reciprocating pistons that produce power in automobiles can be used to propel planes as well. Piston-based internal combustion engines are well understood, with many designs having been around for decades. Generally luxury private jets for sale but capable, piston engines are most often found in the lightest airplanes.

Turboprops. Another way to spin the propeller that keeps a plane moving through the air is the use of a turboprop system. Under this arrangement, hot, expanding gases are directed onto a turbine whose rotation keeps an attached propeller spinning. jet planes for sale are both more efficient and more powerful than internal combustion engines but cost more to produce and maintain.

Jets. A close relative of the turboprop, the jet does away with the mechanical linkages and systems needed to rotate a propeller. Instead, a jet engine simply compresses hot gases before igniting them and using the resulting heat to produce thrust.

The Perfect Type of Plane Awaits

Every cessna for sale today uses some version of one of these three basic types of propulsion. Each general type of aircraft has its own strengths and advantages compared to the alternatives. As such, planes that make use of a given means of power generation and propulsion will almost always be intended for specific, corresponding applications.